Darkness, depression, flashes of rage and the fallen tears of a violin.

The members of the band praised this album so much that I was waiting their work to be not just equal with their previous fabulous CDs, but better.

This album cannot be described easily in words. When you listen it, you feel like you open a box that contains all the feelings that make someone sad, melancholic and confused. A fog covers the room and a torrent of echoes through music come out. Aaron Stainthorpe spoke of this album as their most depressing work. The tracks are hiding pain and in my opinion the stage fright that the singer has diagnosed with.

The main part of the album is the Doom metal, that makes you depressed, but when the CD ends, it requests you to give it another chance. By the end of the song “Death Triumphant”, I felt not full, not tired and I wanted to listen again the whole album. This review was written about two weeks after the first hearing of  “For Lies I Sire”, and numerous hearings in that time. Also we can find a few Death metal parts in the masterpieces of this album, that make you bang your head but it is only a delusion in your mind, and they end before they invade your mind. Harmonious vocals are extensively used along with violin (that was missing in their previous albums) and they transfer you in an isolated house in the middle of nowhere. Your deepest thoughts and fears beg you to give them again attention as the guitar is playing on the background and the violin takes the leading role. In the whole album the balance between guitar and violin is beautiful, and the instruments are clearly listened, which proves a lot of effort and rehearsing. The vocals are again in the same quality as before.flawless.

Surely, one of My Dying Bride’s highlights and in my opinion one of the best CDs in 2009.

Track List Line Up
01. My Body, A Funeral
02. Fall With Me
03. The Lies I Sire
04. Bring Me Victory
05. Echoes From A Hollow Soul
06. ShadowHaunt
07. Santuario Di Sangue
08. A Chapter in Loathing
09. Death Triumphant
Aaron Stainthorpe – Vocals
Andrew Craighan – Guitars
Hamish Glencross – Guitars
Lena Abe – Bass
Dan Mullins – Drums
Katie Stone – Violin, Keyboards