Thornium from Sweden play melodic black metal. Formed back in the year of 1993 and after releasing their debut in 1995, the band split up. Here’s the band’s second record, after almost 14 years of absence. Reformed, as they are now, they deliver a high quality black metal record.

The songs consist of all the genre’s main characteristics: an evil voice, snare-blastbeats, hyper fast and noisy guitars, a bass guitar on the background all mixed up to create a quite interesting album. Everything in the songs, is well balanced, with fine riffing and good rhythmic changes every now and then. The sound and the production is really professional and all songs have good structures. The misty scenes formed by the sound of the band, bring a nice cold shiver down your spine as the songs unveil their black infinity…

Maybe, they didn’t have a good timing back then, when they split-up. Give yourself a chance, to indulge to their dormitory, now that they are back.

Track List Line Up
01. Doden
02. In The Service of Hell (Satanic Black Metal)
03. Mushroom Clouds and Dusk
04. Black Goddess
05. Horns and Hoofs
06. Ett Hjarta Av Sten
07. Melankoli Och Dod
08. Beyond Cosmic Borders
Thyph – keyboards, drums, vocals
Ulverheim – guitars
Kali Ma – bass