Dark Funeral’s back after four years of absence! A big fuzz was created about the arrival of the new album and here comes the justification.

We are talking about a massive “worth-listening-every-minute” piece of work divided in nine tracks. A potential Dark Funeral classic, where everything is in place and the way it’s supposed to be: crystal clear production, ultra fast drumming by Dominator -a recent addition to the crew- ferocious yet melodic guitars leaving behind lots of memorable riffs, a trademark of the band, and of course the depute vocals of Emperor Magus Caligula dealing with Satan, death and sex.

Tracks such as “My Funeral” and Stigmata are perfect representatives of the album, and in fact a music video was shot for “My Funeral”.

“Angelus Exuro pro Eternus” absolutely upstages their previous release “Attera Totus Sanctus” and it’s in course to please tons of blacksters!

Track List Line Up
01. The End of Human Race
02. The Birth of the Vampiir
03. Stigmata
04. My Funeral
05. Angelus Exuro pro Eternus
06. Demons of Five
07. Declaration of Hate
08. In My Dreams
09. My Latex Queen
Emperor Magus Caligula – Vocals
Lord Ahriman – Guitar
Chaq Mol – Guitar
B-Force – Bass
Dominator – Drums