The returning of grind through total sickness! Brutal Truth after a decade of absence came back with “Evolution Trough Revolution“. On the one psycho riffs able to blow up your mind, slow tempo songs can be a good reason for unending headbanging and at the other side speed songs make your stomach turns. In simply words, now it’s time to grind…

Brutal Truth returns with a classic record of grindcore giving their fans exactly what they want. The album sounds heavy with slow and fast parts at the same time. With a glimpse of the album you can feel the atmosphere and have a taste of “Sounds of the Animal Kingdom”. Surely, miles away from the only one “Extreme Conditions Demands Extreme Responses” but as a big fan of Brutal Truth I believe it’s the perfect way to come back giving us hope for a great future!

The American grinders seem to enter in a new age carrying the old and the good values of Death in the new work. “Evolution through Revolution” stands great too at the lyrics part with a classic anti politician and social judging attitude. Of course all these through the humor sight of Brutal Truth.

Finally some of the great moments of this new release are Sugardaddy (my head is not stopping to bleed), Get a Therapist (I must get one), Grind Fidelity (sick!!!) and Detached.

And an advice…stay away from drugs… It’s a bad combination with Brutal Truth! You can kill people!

Track List Line Up
01. Sugardaddy
02. Turmoil
03. Daydreamer
04. On the hunt
05. Fist in mouth
06. Get a therapist
07. War is good
08. Evolution through revolution
09. Powder burn
10. Attack dog
11. Branded
12. Detached
13. Global good guy
14. Humpty finance
15. Semi-automatic carnation
16. Itch
17. Afterworld
18. Lifer
19. Bob Dylan wrote propaganda songs
20. Grind fidelity
Kevin Sharpe – vocals
Erik Burke – guitar
Danny Lilker – bass
Rick Hoak -drums