There’s something going on with this band from Germany. Although blackmetal and thus atmospheric is not Germany’s best music export, these guys seem to be an extra quality band, without restrictions.

Here we have a mixture of pure mid tempo black metal, quite lyrical and melancholic. Some doom rhythms here and there, but if this already seems quite cliche for a black metal release, then i’ll just have to step up to Imperium Dekadenz’s unique musical approach and performance style.

The guitars, are played super noizy, when it comes to electric sounding but the melodies are of those ones that stuck right into your memory forever. The vocal lines sound as growling and blackened as they ought to. As for the drums, although simple, they complete their role quite well, adding a whole strange atmosphere without high tempo blasts or anything else extreme.

But nothing would have made this release unique, if it weren’t for the keys , the piano and the elegant acoustic guitar melodies in between the songs. Two acoustic melodies’ interludes, an intro and an outro, and a whole song in the middle of the tracklist, place this release to my top ten black metal releases, as far as 2010 is concerned.

If you haven’s ever tried them, this is a nice chance to listen to something really difeferent and full of character. Imperium Dekadenz have their own opinion about how black metal should sound like, that’s why they’ve already stepped out from the masses.

Track List Line Up
01. Die Hoffnung stirbt…
02. Lacrimae Mundi
03. A Million Moons
04. Ego Universalis
05. À la nuit tombante
06. An Autumn Serenade
07. Ocean, Mountain’s Mirror
08. The Descent into Hades
09. Procella Vadens
10. …wenn der Sturm beginnt
Horaz (aka Ulfhednar) – Vocals, guitar
Vespasian – Drums, guitar, bass, keyboards