Crematory after about two years come back and leave the dark and doomy atmosphere of ‘ Pray ‘(their previous album). This work is as expected from Crematory and their career so far.

On their previous album the band has done a big change on the atmosphere of the songs, making them darker. On the other hand, on this album the keyboards have more modern sound. The riffs are heavy and make the band to approach a melodic death metal style. On the singing part, there are growls and clean vocals, by the guitarist, which are some of the best parts of the album. The electronic parts are once again a main characteristic of the tracks. The drums have a slow pace, and the blastbeats are almost disappeared.

‘ Infinity ‘ doesn’t tires you and it is an album that can be heard a lot of times. It is catchy and a little mainstream, but it isn’t something boring. It has ballads as well as faster tracks with a standard structure, but showing that they always improve these two decades of their existence. The production is very clear and every instrument is very well defined.

Crematory have been established as a gothic metal band, but they have combine different elements from different kinds of metal to give birth to their albums. As usual it is easy to find some Paradise Lost parts, but the band has made its own identity, which can be seen easily on their remake of the song ” Black Celebration ” of Depeche Mode.

To sum up, Crematory’s latest work is well worth to give it a chance and is a must for the fans of their other works.

Track List Line Up
01. Infinity
02. Sense of Time
03. Out of Mind
04. Black Celebration (Depeche Mode cover)
05. Never Look Back
06. Broken Halo
07. Where Are You Now?
08. A Story About…
09. No One Knows
10. Auf der Flucht
Gerhard Stass – vocals
Matthias Hechler – guitar and vocals
Katrin Goger – keyboards
Harald Heine – bass guitar
Markus Jüllich – drums