Having many years of changes in sound , in mind, in thoughts and through harsh times, Anathema reach year 2010 with a great release, renewed and with fresh mood.

It is really difficult for me to state my impression, on how this record has been stuck inside my mind, from the first listen. A new face, great playing, great ideas, a self-cleansing mood of freshness, a light atmosphere, great production, complex orchestrations, the sound of electric guitars -although not the driving power for many years now- giving you chils down your spine.

A big smile of a great confrontation with the present Anathema. I never believed I’d found myself again listening to a new Anathema record with such interest. Maybe it’s Steven Wilson’s golden touch, that made it so unique. Maybe it’s this “Eternity” approach of the songs but surely there’s something special. Another Anathema record –apart from Alternative 4- that is standing out as a very nice proposal, for every metalhead, progster or whatever you like to call yourself.

If  masterpiece “Alternative 4” made a big step forward, for the band, this one will surely place them back, on the Big ones of the so called atmospheric rock. Don’t miss this one!

Track List Line Up
01.Thin Air
02.Summernight Horizon
03.Dreaming Light
05.Angels Walk Among Us
07.A Simple Mistake
08.Get Off, Get Out
Vincent Cavanagh-Vocals, guitars
Daniel Cavanagh-Guitars, backing vocals
Les Smith- Keys
Jamie Cavanagh- Bass
John Douglas-Drums
Lee Douglas-Vocals