Having recorded a few demos and performed along with colossal bands, Decemberance signed with I For An I Records in 2009 and their first album is already a fact. Since their formation,back in 1997,”Inside” is the band’s first great and solid step in discography.

The doom metal band from Athens has obviously dedicated a lot of time and emotional effort in the name of their love for music which is hidden behind their careful “building” of sentiments within the six tracks of the album.Melancholy, abandonment and void are fighting in every melody to finally give their place to darkness and majesty.

Powerful and technical,without exaggerations though, and rather old-school as far as the sound is concerned, Decemberance succeeded in presenting a well-set work.”Anxiety Grasps Our Perspective” combines probably moods that attract all kind of metal fans.The dark guitars in “A common Winter” made me nostalgic to go back “in the woods” whereas “Premonition” which closes the album filled me with doom paranoia.As for my personal favorite,”Rain”,the doom and low-tempo atmosphere is beautifully bonded with the black metal crying-outs which are what I liked most in the album.Just close your eyes when the piano melody embraces the cello’s mourning,waiting for the death vocals to regain their throne in brutal harmony, and you may feel December’s loneliness.

Closing, and being rather romantic,I just wanted to share my hope that Greece will finally start being more tolerating and providing equal chances to all music genres so that more bands like Decemberance would have their deserved opportunity to be heard.

Track List Line Up
01. Time
02. Rain
03. Anxiety Grasps Our Perspective
04. A Common Winter
05. Sunset
06. Premonition
Yiannis Filippaios – Drums/Vocals
Manos Kousourlis – Guitars
Yiannis Aktypis – Guitars
Alexandros Vlahos – Keyboards/Samples
Haris Dinos – Bass
Iliana Koretsi – Cello
Tassos Hatzipanagos – Visuals