Saratan are a band formed in Poland in 2003 and “Antireligion” is their second record attempt. Not bad at all but let’s just see what’s up with them.

First of all, just to put things in place, Saratan haven’t actually “discovered the wheel” but surely sound fresh and promising -for some other release in the future of course-. Playing a weird thrash/death metal, with some smart “emotional” industrial moments and a few clean vocal lines, they tend to sound very horny. Though, after 10-15 minutes -translated into the first four/five tracks of the album- they start to sound rather everything but interesting at all. Nine small duration songs in an admitedly exemplary production which is quite professional in every term aren’t enough to keep you interested for more than one or two songs.

If you place in a blender, the sound of Kreator “Outcast era” with Coroner “Grin era” and the industrial mindblowers “Fear Factory” you’ll be close to Saratan’s sound but with a lot less interest from the above masters. Until their next one, listen this but I’m sure they can do better.

Track List Line Up
01. Extinguishing The Hope
02. Antireligion pt. 1
03. Dead Inside
04. My Demise
05. Reject Adonai
06. Pray For The Rest
07. Destroy Yourself
08. Crave Suicide
09. Antireligion pt. 2
Jarek Niemiec – vocals, bass, tar
Adam Augustynski – guitars
Wiktor Niemiec – drums