A year after the excellent album “Static Tensions” the sludge-rs Kylesa make their come-back with a new album called “Spiral Shadows”. Still their previous album playing in our stereo for all that period, we’re waiting for something even better for their next one.

Let’s cut the chase. Already this 5th album is a cornerstone in their discography. The first thing that hits you when you hear it is the simplicity we enter into it. When “Static Tensions” is more agressive and had to hear it a couple of time to be more in the climate, “Spiral Shadows” is the exact opposite. But don’t worry we’re not talking about a peaceful aspect as the vocals of Philipp Cope come to kick in as usual, sludgy riffs and headbanging rythm sections especially in “Drop-Out”, but in a more Zen mood.

Starting with the vocals of Laura Pleasants, wich are more spellbounding than usual. The lady really made a progress and give us celestials trip moments in “Distance Closing In” or in “To Forget”. The last one as in “Crowded Road” has an oriental atmosphere very pleasent to the ear. The final song “Dust” leave the band and an etheric, aerial atmosphere and concludes the album in an amazing way.

A surprise in “Don’t Look Back” in wich the guitars reminds a metal Pixies aspect. And we can’t pass the progressive atittude of “Spiral Shadows”. Many of you will recall Pink Floyd from the guitars, not surprising as most members of Kylesa are fans. Let’s not forget the tapping session in “Cheating Synergy”. So if we put all this together we see that Kylesa is not only a break-it-all machine but a truly multiparcial band which handles melody with great talent.

Far from stepping in their previous opus, “Spiral Shadows is more ambient with mor melodic choruses.The only negative part the fact the tracks may be more accessible but also less highlighting. But let’s pass this part as the 11 songs tracklist is the proof tha this band has a lot more to say. The hard part will be the fans point of view as many will surely dislike the fact that the cool their play a bit but they also surely find new fans who’ll be pleased. To have a general view take a look at the Mastodon album “Crack the Skye” compaired to their previous albums and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Truly an excellent work!

Track List Line Up
01. Tired Climb
02. Cheating Synergy
03. Drop Out
04. Crowded Road
05. Don’t Look Back
06. Distance Closing In
07. To Forget
08. Forsaken
Phillip Cope – vocals, guitars
Laura Pleasants – vocals, guitars
Corey Barhorst – bass, vocals
Carl McGinley – drums, percussion
Tyler Newberry – drums, percussion

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