Do you believe in ghosts? I never did, until this Ghost of metal’s past came across my path! Shrouded in secrecy, these guys deliver old fashioned heavy metal that sounds uncannily fresh!

Dressed in black robes and with an undead pope (or something like that) as vocalist, Ghost plays horror metal, that is heavy metal influenced by early Mercyful Fate, Black Sabbath and horror movie soundtracks. Eerie keyboards, melodic leads and a tight rhythm section give (un)life to 7 horror stories (plus 2 instrumentals for intro and outro). All metal clichés are met here, for example Satan-worshipping, Elizabeth Bathory, etc but with lyrics so stupid and cheesy as to become brilliant! (Devil’s Power Is The Greatest One/When His’ And Hers’ Holiest Shuns The Sun/A Temptress Smitten By The Blackest Force/A Vicar Bitten Blind In Intercourse – “Stand By Him”)

Lyrical simplicity is accompanied with musical genius. I believe that Ghost really gave much thought on composing these 7 songs. Although they are relatively simple, they are so catchy and sing-along (almost pop-like at times!) that from the first time they hit your speakers you will find yourself humming the tunes or repeating the lyrics. Add the great production that gives out a sound old fashioned yet modern at the same time, the great guitar work and amazing bass lines and you have a winner!

With “Opus Eponymous” Ghost have proven two things. First, that old school heavy metal is not dead. Then that you don’t only need growls, blast beats and guitars faster than the speed of light to be evil! You don’t have to be misanthropic, cold and badass! You may as well have fun! Evil can be fun and vice versa!

Track List Line Up
01. Deus Culpa (Instrumental)
02. Con Clavi Con Dio
03. Ritual
04. Elizabeth
05. Stand By Him
06. Satan Prayer
07. Death Knell
08. Prime Mover
09. Genesis (Instrumental)