There are bands that with one glance at their album cover are automatically rejected from my subconscious. Watain is one of them. This is a problem that I have had since forever. And I truly say that I won’t forget myself for this kind of attitude again. I know I am unforgettable but I am really sorry, I always had a thing for these satanic Black metal groups.

Thankfully there are bands such as Watain to slap me in the face with their musical achievements. And I thankfully believe that in Sweden there is something wrong with their drinking water and the metal musicians there are born to give us a reason to remain in this music genre or if you prefer this subculture. “Lawless Darkness” is one of these albums and “Waters of Ain” is one these songs. When you get an album of Watain in your hands there is nothing to plead for what you will listen in the next hour. The grimness and the melody could fit together in no other album you could listen to through the last years. “Death’s Cold Dark” is a great start for what is coming next. “Malfeitor” is a great example of what extreme metal could do when it is experimenting in the right progressive order. The whole CD is a master work of Black metal in general. The instrumental structure is totally overwhelming. The guitar riffs properly played and the tempo is holding you down in one point and in the next riff is blowing your brains at the wall. Of course the Thrash metal influences are obviously there as a Black metal musician ought to offer us. To offer us a “Kiss of Death”.

The only negative aspect of the latest Watain’s album is the length of the songs. Well this is the only one really. Then you could listen to the single of the CD “Reaping Death” and forget about it. Some say that Watain can acclaim the throne of Dissection but I am not the one to say if they are worthy for it. And this is because I distinguish by listening to their music a lot of Necrophobic influences. And obviously Swedish have their arguments about it and the Best Hard Rock Grammy award of 2011 is the proof.

Anyway the reaping death is coming. So … “Higher! Higher! Come all ye sons of fire”.

Track List Line Up
01. Death’s Cold Dark.
02. Malfeitor
03. Reaping Death
04. Four Thrones
05. Wolves Curse
06. Lawless Darkness
07. Total Funeral
08. Hymn to Qayin
09. Kiss of Death
10. Waters of Ain
E. (Erik Danielsson) – Vocals, Bass
P. (Pelle Forsberg) – Guitar
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