There aren’t many things that you need to say about Tankard. They are a band that always make you have fun and give you the motivation to drink as many beers as you can (and probably some more) while listeling to their amazing thrash metal! So, those 4 thrashers from Germany are back with their 14th album Vol(l)ume 14! It’s been 2 years since their “Thirst” album and they are back to give us another reason to take some 6(66) packs and satisfy our beer-bellys.

The album does not contain many surprises. The band has become more melodic than they used to be but we have seen this change a couple of years ago so it is not an actual surprise. However that does not mean that they have become “softer”, no fucking way! The album has some classic Tankard songs like “Beck’s in the City”, “The Agency”, “Brain Piercing of Death”, some that are a bit different than the usual like “Weekend Warriors” with it’s acoustic and “soft” intro but most of them are in the typical Tankard style. The one that Tankard fans want to hear! Heavy and simple riffs, great vocals from the beer God Gerre and everything that you imagine when you think of a Tankard record.

Lyrically the band continues to have  funny lyrics like the ones in “Fat Snatchers”, “Beck’s in the City”, “Rules for Fools” (with the hilarious video clip-check it out) but they also have songs which have to deal with serious matters like “Black Plague (BP)” that deals with the pollution of the sea of Mexico.

Overall Vol(l)ume 14 is not an album that will re-write history, nor as good as their 80’s records. However it is a very nice thrash metal record with some very good songs, and an album that you will definetely have fun listening to.

Track List Line Up
01. Time Warp
02. Rules For Fools
03. Fat Snatchers (The Hippo Effect)
04. Black Plague (BP)
05. Somewhere In Nowhere
06. The Agency
07. Brain Piercing Öf Death
08. Beck`s In The City
09. Condemnation
10. Weekend Warriors
Andreas Geremia – vocals
Andreas Gutjahr – guitar
Frank Thorwarth – bass
Olaf Zissel – drums