Blackfield is another project-band of Porcupine Tree’s mastermind songwriter/ producer/ genius Steven Wilson. The mind behind the words “progressive rock sound of our days” must be taking some time off, as the deal seems here. In collaboration, with bandmate Aviv Geffen, they’ve reached their third attempt “Welcome to my DNA” after the two widely successful “Blackfield & Blackfiled II”.

As in both previous albums, here you’ll get the chance to hear some mellow pop oriented songs, with a slight 60s progressive rock sense. Wilson’s extravagant composition style is quite obviously present. From his trademark voice/ songwriting, effects usage to acoustic guitars, strings, organs, pianos, mid tempos, powerfull sing along refrains, “Waving” for example…Everything!!!Everything you would ask to hear in a progressive rock/pop album I guess is here.

I have a small doubt though, about Geffen’s abilities compared to Wilson’s and on how much of this music in here, is co-written or co-arranged.But does it matter? I guess NO, to someone who has already heard some of their songs. For those who have no clue yet, I would recommend “Blackfield” as a start.On the other hand here’s another good but not brilliant record by Steven Wilson. So you could as well enjoy this one too!

Track List Line UP
01. Glass house
02. Go to hell
03. Rising of the tide
04. Waving
05. Far away
06. Dissolving With The Night
07. Blood
08. On The Plane
09. Oxygen
10. Zigota
11. DNA
Steven Wilson – lead vocals, lead guitar, keyboards
Aviv Geffen – lead vocals, guitars, rhythm guitar, keyboards
Seffy Efrati – backing vocals, bass guitar
Eran Mitelman – backing vocals, piano, keyboards
Tomer Z – drums, percussion