To all those who are about to read the next few lines describing/reviewing “Hisingen Blues” from the Swedish band called “Graveyard”; This is NOT a metal record, but these are the roots!

After a successful debut back in 2007, Graveyard have attracted attention from Nuclear Blast to release their second album, entitled “Hisingen Blues”. Generally in the likes of early 70s blues rock and in a quite respective amount, in the likes of early heavy doom (aka Blue Cheer/ Black Sabbath etc.) this record rocks like a hurricane!!!

Dirty as they are in their approach, while employing a vast field of influences coming from blues to folk, Graveyard certainly knows what “trademark sound” means. They’ve got it and that’s exactly why we are here reading and listening their music.

Having a charming 60s bluesy attitude and mixing approach, they have wisely filtered Deep Purple/ Jimi Hendrix/ Blue Cheer/ Led Zeppelin/ Black Sabbath through their own free spirits, and they’ve created a chilling and easy going record, with this warm and beautiful sound!

Of course they’re not the first to do so…But it seems they’ve made it in a greater manner than others.Remnants of Wolfmother anyone? The excitement, though, is much more than their first surfacing..And I’m sure this means a lot!

If you don’t usually have the strength or the will to listen to the old lads, everyone is talking about, you can have a listen at “Hisingen Blues” and you might find yourself more intrerested, in the reasons you listen to that Hammering guitar driven music, simply called metal! Brilliant!

Track List Line Up
01. Ain’t Fit to Live Here
02. No Good, Mr. Holden
03. Hisingen Blues
04. Uncomfortably Numb
05. Buying Truth (Tack och Förlåt)
06. Longing
07. Ungrateful are the Dead
08. RSS
09. The Siren
Joakim Nilsson – guitar, vocals
Jonatan Ramm – guitar, vocals
Rikard Edlund – bass,
Axel Sjöberg – drums