These guys come from Italy and they try to make us believe that classical music has a place in death metal. Well after listening to them and the “Agony” album I strongly believe that these two genres of music are made for each other. They are a new band; born in 2007, yet their music is magnificent. Brutal it is. Technical it is. And at the last but not least it is sensational. This band although new, it is the upcoming stars of death metal music.

The keyboards have a starring role in their music and some say that they are the Dimmu Borgir of death metal. I cannot but disagree at this statement. Yes their music has an extreme taste of a symphonic orchestra, but it is not as theatrical as the symphonic black metal groups. And by theatrical I mean this fake image of the black metal scene. Some may curse me already. But I was never deep in the black metal scene, so I must apologize. The orchestration in whole the album is mind blowing. The piano man is giving a lesson in music harmony. The vocals are really brutal with the necessary touch of some clean almost operatic voices. The vocal arrangements are creating a powerful form of dialogue that supports firmly the fast riffs of the guitars. Back at their music, which is fast without getting boring or incomprehensible, the blast beats are unstoppable. A true neck wrecker; this could be the best description for their creation. “The Violation” is the highlighting track but before this mind capturing song there are many others that can wake your senses once and for all. In “The Deceit” we have a hint of the masterpiece which follows. The riff inspiration on “The Violation” is clearly from the Italians classical composers and it is magically printed in the mind for a long time. Still I sung it once or twice every day. The extra brutal “The Imposition” is another one with the taste from the aesthetic of Vivaldi. “The Betrayal” could be a soundtrack for those to get vengeance on those who have betrayed them. And then we have the romantic epic masterpiece of “The Forsaking” which leads you to discover the insanity with its unique aura. The beat is outrageous through all of the 50 minutes on this CD. After the “Temptation” intro track “The Hypocrisy” song cut to the chase with no further delay and without anyone to warn you, from this point till the end your ears must stand all the pressure.

Personally I had some time since I heard anything that inspirational. I definitely suggest this one for all brutal death metal fans. Hopefully you will love it too, despite of all the piano orchestration. We must enter the insane world of Fleshgod Apocalypse. Or it is this our world already??

Track List Line Up
02.The Hypocrisy
03.The Imposition
04.The Deceit
05.The Violation
06.The Egoism
07.The Betrayal
08.The Forsaking
09.The Oppression
Tommaso Riccardi – Vocals & Guitars
Paolo Rossi – Vocals & Bass
Francesco Paoli – Drums, Guitars & Vocals
Cristiano Trionfera – Vocals & Guitars
Francesco Ferrini – Piano & Orchestra