Warbringer are one of the many bands that belong to the new wave of thrash metal bands, having a strictly old school attitude musically and lyrically, being clearly influenced by artists such Metallica, Slayer, Exodus and Testament, and are truly one of the most intense bands of that movement. With two albums already in their catalogue, their third effort “Worlds Torn Asunder” finds them as unforgiving as ever, while also showing their growing improvement as musicians.

From the opener “Living Weapon” to the closer “Demonic Ecstasy, Warbringer constantly beat down the listener with their sharp and crunchy guitar riffs and blistering drums. The albums sound is clear but not too polished or digital, exactly how a thrash metal album should sound, and every instrument is perfectly distinguishable. The guitarists display some quite skilled soloing, and the drummer’s performance is straightforward and hard hitting, with double bass and blastbeats all over the place, while the vocalist screams and yells like an absolute lunatic, sometimes reminding of Exodus’s Paul Baloff.

The aforementioned “Living Weapon” is a definite highlight, as are the tracks “Shattered Like Glass”, “Echoes from the Void” which has an acoustic intro and is probably the most brutal track of the album, and the more technical “Demonic Ecstasy”. The rest of the tracks however have the drawback of sounding more like the same after a while, and the band does not try to vary their sound and tempo that much, aiming solely on blasting at full speed instead, with only some down tempo breaks on a few tracks giving the listener some time to catch their breath.

In conclusion, “Worlds Torn Asunder” is a very respectable effort by Warbringer, and although it is not something that is truly innovating or original, and despite its lack of variation, it is highly passionate, convincing and well played, and will surely be appreciated by fans of thrash metal, as well as by metal fans in general. Warbringer is undoubtedly a very talented band, and if they decide to diversify their sound a bit more in the future and try a few new things while remaining faithful to their thrash metal roots, they will surely achieve even greater things.

Track List Line Up
01. Living Weapon
02. Shattered Like Glass
03. Wake Up… Destroy
04. Future Ages Gone
05. Savagery
06. Treacherous Tongue
07. Echoes from the Void
08. Enemies of the State
09. Behind the Veils of Night
10. Demonic Ecstasy
Andy Laux – Bass
John Laux – Guitars
Andy Carroll – Guitars
John Kevill – Vocals
Carlos Cruz – Drums

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