One of the mostly long awaited releases we could have for the year of 2012 is finally able to be reviewed. The furious and insane brutal death metallers Aborted from Beveren, East Flanders in Belgium, return to slaughter our ears without mercy with their seventh full length in thirteen years, entitled ”Global Flatline” and the first after four years since the contradictory ”Strychnine.213” in 2008 (with the ”Coronary Reconstruction” EP being released between them, in 2010). The EP showed a mood of the band to return in the most initial approach of their music, with their bombastic groovy beatdowns and breakdowns being accompanied by the familiar blastbeats that take your brain and toss it in every possible direction, in an album that we were kind of sure it’s going to rip us apart. If you put down the fact that it includes three tracks of the aforementioned EP, then the result gets even better.

Sven de Caluwe is the ultimate leader of the band and with a renewed line – up once again (except Eran Segal), he offers us a very great sounding album which defines how diverse and multi – sided brutality can be, if you know how to do it well of course. From the very first moments of the title track, following the ”Omega Mortis” intro, you can get the feeling of what you are about to face for the next 44 minutes. Twelve tracks of amazing skill and nerve, heading your way, while you are unable to do anything but simply feel this maelstrom take over your very being and just be forced to live with it and like it, wanting it or not. Following tracks like ”The Origin Of Disease” (which is also the video clip of the album and features Julien Truchan of Benighted on guest grunts), you know from the very beginning of this effort that you’re going to helplessly dive deep into the refreshed Aborted of 2012 and blast your way through it in the best album of the band since the 2003 release ”Goremageddon: The Saw And The Carnage Done”.

As the album goes on with a trio of unbelievably raw and bombastic tracks such as ”Fecal Forgery”, ”Of Scabs And Boils” and ”Vermicular, Obscene, Obese” (with Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder taking part on this), your expectations raise even higher, listening to how the band finds numerous ways to keep you something more than interested, not stopping to surprise you with the width of sounds and expression in each track. A very special case is surely the crawling ”Expurgation Euphoria”, put in the middle of the album to become the most different track of ”Global Flatline”, showing you how Aborted can easily be obsessive in slower tracks too. The new musicians give a high lever performance each one, while Sven keeps spitting his guts out in every possible way, high pitched or just raw sounding. The result is always the same and the album doesn’t have a mediocre moment to make you lose track of the headbanging process.

On tracks such as ”The Kallinger Theory”, a great combination of groove and aggression is presented, taking a slow beginning to transform it into a threatening beast, ready to devour you without being swallowed. As the album is driven to its end and with the three tracks of the EP having proved once again legendary (”Coronary Reconstruction”, ”From A Teppid Whiff” and ”Grime” with Jason Netherton of Misery Index on it), it is ”Our Father, Who Art Of Feces” that somehow concludes all the essence of this release, with its great atmosphere and the marvellous solo part. Generally there has been a tremendous guitar work over all the tracks, which have the right sound to become blades on which Sven steps and throws them into you whenever and however he wants. ”Endstille” closes the album in a superb way, being the longest track of all, and just by the end of it, you haven’t realised how the albums has already ended and has been flown like water to your ears.

Aborted have surely did their thing with ”Global Flatline”, giving a very convincing answer to all those who have tried to dispute their worth with their three previous albums (”Slaugher & Apparatus: A Methodical Overture”, ”The Archaic Abattoir” and ”Strychnine.213”) and it is about time all of you to reconsider some things if you were on the wrong side. The whole release is a perfect example of how much fresh a band can remain and how much capable they are in surpassing every possible obstacle. In the limited edition of the album you’ll find two reworked tracks, ”Eructations Of Carnal Artistry” and ”Nailed Through Her Cunt”. In overall, all you knew that Aborted was about, is included on this seventh album of theirs and this time, you have no excuses for not being able to deal with it. Aborted’s purpose is to offer great brutal fresh music and this time, they achieved it for good. Project: Global Domination is on its way, will you join or decline? It’s up to you, but don’t claim you hadn’t been warned in any case, no matter what the decision will be.

Track List Line Up
01. Omega Mortis
02. Global Flatline
03. The Origin of Disease
04. Coronary Reconstruction
05. Fecal Forgery
06. Of Scabs and Boils
07. Vermicular, Obscene, Obese
08. Expurgation Euphoria
09. From a Tepid Whiff
10. The Kallinger Theory
11. Our Father, Who Art of Feces
12. Grime
13. Endstille
14. Eructations Of Carnal Artistry
15. Nailed Through Her Cunt
Sven “Svencho” de Caluwé – Vocals
JB van der Wal – Bass
Eran Segal – Guitars
Ken Bedene – Drums
Michael Wilson – Guitars