This was love at first listen. It is impossible not to be seduced by Dynazty’s upgraded sound that really testifies that they have become big boys now. After a few minutes I’m crazy teenage-like in love with what I hear. There’s a wonderful melodic power and heaviness from the very first note, you can’t resist it, it gets under your skin!

With Peter Tätgren (Pain, Hypocrisy) behind the control desk, Melody marries Heavy – which of course is Tätgrens specialty. Dynazty delivers songs that can easily compete with the classic bands that may have been sources of inspiration for their hair-metal trademark. One can examine this album from every corner without finding anything to complain about.

Freaking awesome songs, each of which could easily be single hits in their own right, an outrageously pitch-perfect singer (Nils Molin), tight band (Rob Love Magnusson – guitar, Joel Fox Apelgren – bass, Mike Laver – guitar and George Egg – drums) and one of the top producers in Sweden who produced and mixed the whole thing. What’s there NOT to love? When they get to the ballad “Falling” I have already fallen like a stone a long time ago.

If you’re a fan of Gotthard or Shotgun Messiah, this is definitely something for you.

Track List Line Up
01. Come Alive
02. Raise Your Hands
03. Land of Broken Dreams
04. Falling
05. More Than a Man
06. Love Junkie
07. The One to Blame
08. Back Again
09. Bastards of Rock & Roll
10. Sultans of Sin
Nils Molin – Vocals
Rob Love Magnusson – Guitar
Joel Fox Apelgren – Bass
George Egg – Drums
Mike Lavér – Guitar