The new wave of thrash metal has appeared in the community of metal and I would say that it goes famous, with new bands full of ideas an eager to work. One of these bands is also Vektor from Arizona. They first appeared in 2003 with the demo ” Nucleus” and after three years, in 2006 they managed to win a place to the new wave of thrash metal with their second demo “Demolition”. In 2009 they realized     their  first album ”Black Future” which left very good impressions to the listeners (those who heard it). Unfortunately the album hadn’t the impact that it should and passed unnoticed by many.

In the end of 2011 they released their second album “Outer Isolation” which immediately became know  and loved by the public. The singularity of the band is that it’s unlike the other new wave thrash bands and I think that this is the privilege of the band, the progressive thrash metal . The mix of the old Voivod, Coroner, Sadus and Watchtower create “Outer Isolation” and most of us we expect many from these guys .The production and the mixing of the album is exemplary and it sounds like the good old school thrash with a touch of the new wave of the sound.

The album starts with the song “Cosmic Cortex” where from the beginning of the album we can hear the good mood of the band, speed/heavy riffs with a progressive atmosphere and some sci-fi themed lyrics in the whole album. Their riffs are more complex and technical while escaping from the classic  thrash riffs, even those songs like ‘Tetrastructural Minds”,”Venus Project” and “Fast Paced Society” that come from their second demo but although it was the same tittles, the structure is completely different. This shows that the band has many ideas and exploits them in its own way.

The vocals reminds me of singers such as Schmier and Ihsahn too, epic screams the guitarists captivate the listener from the first minute until the last with full inspiration and technique, but what impressed me the most is their ability to mix symmetrical riffs, resulting in a homogeneous thought about their stuff and sound.

A great privilege in all this sound is also the bass, it sounds too aggressive and clean in all the chaos and that’s the reason that it makes the difference. For those who knew Vektor from   their first steps, will awaken all the memories while confirming the huge sound and the band’s sound evolution. Those who loved the band from “Black Future”, is sure that they will love “Outer Isolation” too. And finally for those who have discovered the band in this album, they will hate the screams of David DiSato or they will love them, but their music remains fantastic. It’s surely in the best albums of 2011 and we will be waiting Vektor to become way more crazy and energetic next time .

Track List Line Up
01. Cosmic Cortex
02. Echoless Chamber
03. Dying World
04. Tetrastructural  Minds
05. Venus Project
06. Dark Creations, Dead  Creators
07. Fast Paced Society
08. Outer Isolation
David DiSanto  : Vocals , Guitars
Erik  Nelson : Guitars
Blake Anderson : Drums
Frank Chin: Bass