Finally! After five year of absence Orange Goblin made a heavy come back with “A Eulogy For The Dead” and as expected heavy badass riffs at the rendez-vous!

Back to the basics with an album fully brewed from the sounds of the monsters of rock! “Red Tide Rising” was already released for some time before the album. Very promising but not special though. Classic Orange Goblin song. But for the rest I can say they make the difference. Pure stoner with heavy sound of Black Sabbath with a touch of Motorhead every note is dig in the guts! It’s clear that in these past five years they made a progressive effort. A shot of biker attitude stoned rythmics mixed with a touch of melodic breaks and passages all together with the strong and powerful vocals of Ben Ward.

“Acid Trial”, “Save Me From Myself” and “The Fog” are the spine of the album. In those three you can hear something different and well constructed and imaginative. You can find this same touch in the song “A Eulogy For The Damned”. But For the rest although the make your head banging as hell, I think they are not what we really expected after five years of waiting. Heavy yes but not original for Orange Goblin.

Nevertheless a perfect clean production releasing all the power of the songs and familiar to the Goblin’s sound. Some good English metal with a hope for the future release.

Track List Line Up
01. Red Tide Rising
02. Stand For Something
03. Acid Trial
04, The Filthy And The Few
05. Save Me From Myself
06. The Fog
07. Return To Mars
08. Death Of Aquarius
09. The Bishop Wolf
10. A Eulogy For The Damned
Ben Ward – Vocals
Joe Hoare – Guitar
Martyn Millard – Bass
Christopher Turner – Drums