The beauty coming from France, Alcest, release their 4th full length studio attempt, and here we are, after many sincere and focused listenings, to search what’s going on “Les Voyages…”

Anyone into them, should be familiar with their unique sound and atmospheres, as so their long songs. These did not change here and to be more precise, they even got more interesting on this one. Long music journeys, with many acoustic passages, steady patterns and straight four quarter rhythms. Intense melodies coming from electrified guitars, acoustic guitars, synths, and a voice almost whispering sweet melodies, that though you cannot memorize, you always know they’re there in your mind. Some quite brutal drumming on top of these sounds, just makes it all more strong and tight.

After listening all their past releases, I should state that Alcest’s connection with this blackish metal sounding genre, that is generally known as shoegaze or “suicidal” black metal or elseway you want to call it, might be record by record less and less relative. Their music approach, sounds too colorful and promising, although its melancholy, to be considered music that brings you “down”.

As i hear it, their music really transports me to endless green valleys with yellow and orange flowers, and a sunny summer breeze above my imagination. They really sound as a cleansing of the soul and that’s what’s different with them. Although one of this genre’s finest, they do not sound like anyone else.

If you want a nice relaxing piece of music, you should always count on them, cause on “Les Voyages…” Alcest really have made a beautiful, colorful music canvas, that should and will transport you exactly in the right place where you could relax and travel through mind landscapes. Piece of Art !

Track List Line Up
01. Autre Temps
02. La Ou Naissent Les Couleurs Nouvelles
03. Les Voyages De L’Ame
04. Nous Sommes L’Emeraude
05. Beings Of Light
06. Faiseurs De Mondes
07. Havens
08. Summer’s Glory
Neige : guitars/bass, synths and vocals
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