Another return for the once mighty Terrorizer, six years after their first follow – up to the cornerstone of the whole grindcore scene, ”World Downfall” in 1989. ”Darker Days Ahead” released in 2006 proved out to be an unsuccesful release, as it never managed to win the impressions over the fans. There was good and pure intentions let’s say but the result sounded weak and very inferior compared to what everyone was waiting from them. Following the sudden death of the guitarist and soul of the band Jesse Pintado, it all seemed that a very important chapter in the history of the extreme scene would end in a very inappropriate way and somehow, Terrorizer’s name would never shine as much as it did for about two decades. Until the moment when something changed rapidly and here we are now, talking about their third album ”Hordes Of Zombies”.

At first, we must say that everyone was (and some still are) very cautious about this album. You see, the fact that Jesse Pintado is no more with us is something some people can’t accept when it comes to a Terrorizer release. Add the facts that Pete Sandoval didn’t take part in the last Morbid Angel shameful atrocity called ”Illud Divinum Insanus”, David Vincent returned to play the bass on the album, the vocalist Anthony Rezhawk never gained the respect Oscar Garcia had and what’s more, a woman -Katina Culture- replacing Jesse on the guitars, and I think you get a full picture why this album had all negative energy gathered upon it from the very beginning. Well folks, guess what! You shall be proved wrong if you think it’s not worth listening as the four-piece sounds in perfect shape and mood in the following thirteen tracks.

After a short intro, the title track enteres violently and it is clear from the very beginning that we have a fully well produced work, with Culture’s guitars shredding their way throughout the whole album with some very interesting riffs, always fast and ripping and always followed by Sandoval’s fast and steady drumming. The album has nothing to do with the grindcore scene though, as it is a pure death metal record from the beginning to the end, with many thrash elements in the compositions and Rezhawk’s vocals more brutal and focused compared to his previous performance on ”Darker Days Ahead”. It is most certain you’re going to like ”Hordes Of Zombies” way more than its predecessor and many of you will claim that this should be the album that was supposed to be released six years ago. Good things come to those who wait though…

As the album flows, you’ll find some great tracks on it, such as ”Subterfuge” that was the first one to leak from this release, ”Flesh To Dust”, ”Prospect Of Oblivion”, ”Forward To Annihilation” and many more which may differ for every person. None of the tracks exceeds the limit of four minutes, with the final track ”A Dying Breed” being the largest of all, closing the album in a very good way. Generally, the album doesn’t reveal signs of tireness during its listening and as you listen to it more and more times, you’ll find some parts that you may get addicted to. I should really point out Katina Culture because from out of nowhere, she has done a tremendous guitar work and has brought composing stuff that has completely renewed the band and raised the level of the tracks many levels. The same goes for the rest members as well to be honest.

Rezhawk lends his voice to furious tracks that help him express way better than imagined, the rhythm section kicks serious ass, with Vincent clearing the large black spot upon him for the reasons mentioned above and what I’m most happy about, is that I’m listening one of the best drummers of all times in pure shape. The most important is that Sandoval is healthy and though he plays less complex stuff compared to his Morbid Angel days -without this meaning it’s easy, you can try and play them instead- he is still capable of raising hell with his beatings. In my opinion, ”Hordes Of Zombies” is a very honest and full of quality album, I don’t know if they could do something better but I’m sure only a few expected something such fresh and obsessive. Terrorizer is still alive and kicking as it seems, hopefully if they continue releasing albums (more often I should point) then we’ll have to expect something even better on the next release.

Track List Line Up
01. Intro
02. Hordes Of Zombies
03. Ignorance And Apathy
04. Subterfuge
05. Evolving Era
06. Radiation Syndrome
07. Flesh To Dust
08. Generation Chaos
09. Broken Mirrors
10. Prospect Of Oblivion
11. Malevolent Ghosts
12. Forward To Annihilation
13. State Of Mind
14. A Dying Breed
15. Wretched (Bonus Track)
16. Hordes Of Zombies (Demo) (Bonus Track)
Anthony ”Wolf” Rezhawk – Vocals
Katina Culture – Guitars
Pete ”Commando” Sandoval – Drums
Dave Vincent – Bass