After a 4 year hiatus, Al Jourgensen & Co are back with “Relapse”, an album that would reportedly end up being the fastest and heaviest Ministry effort. Shall we see it further then, it’s been long since “Rio grande blood” and you might just be interested what you’re about to hear…Much as we are!

First of all let’s just mention one false info or misunderstanding here…This album has nothing to do with the so called stoner metal or whatever you can call it. This goes out to some people that reinterpreted Al’s reports that this is their stoner album. No ladies and gentlemen, he was referring to other “stones” whatsoever not musical ones!!!

“Ghouldiggers” that opens the record is an example of classic opener in a Ministry album. Starting with some basic quotations about music industry and artists, it all bursts in a programmed double kick drums frenzy and crazy extreme palm-muted riffing –something almost the entire record is characterized by-. And I think I’d hated myself to have to write this down but I’m afraid this is all you will get from “Relapse”. Dull extremes and classic industrial craziness…that ultimately goes out to be quite tiring.Of course, there are moments where there’s a great feeling of Ministry is back, but after a few listening sessions to dig even further into what “Relapse” has for you, there’s a complete downhill after the first couple of songs.

Lyrical obsessions of the past though, exist as well here but thankfully they are not that strong, but I believe all of you out there, know what to expect and it’s on everyone’s tastes the way they’re received and interpreted.

Sorry to say that on my first listening sessions I was interested to hear another record from the “Ministry industrial machine” but after a few more sessions I have to say that “Relapse” sounds a bit stubborn and static to the 90s industrial metal’s coffin. I mean this does not reach even their average! So it’s almost average, with eyes aiming down as far as expectations are concerned!!!Not even straight???Sorry.

Track List Line Up
01. Ghouldiggers
02. Double Tap
03. FreeFall
04. Kleptocracy
05. United Forces
06. 99 Percenters
07. Relapse
08. Weekend Warrior
09. Git Up Get Out ‘n Vote
10. Bloodlust
Al Jourgensen – vocals, keyboards, guitar, bass
Mike Scaccia – guitars, bass
John Bechdel – keyboards
Sin Quirin – guitars, bass
Aaron Rossi – drums
Casey Orr – bass, keyboards