Hail Spirit Noir‘s journey began in Thessaloniki, 2010 when Haris (Transcending Bizarre?) decided to express his musical interests on 60’s psychedelic rock music. That’s all of it. The rest is bizarrely revealed through the transcendental “Pneuma“, which unconsciously, yet emphatically, demarcates itself from the trendy occult rock and metal mob, destined to laugh on all those who’ll try to affiliate it on their side.

The Trancending Bizarre? trio filled it’s bag with tricks that are slowly and randomly displayed though the nearly 38 minute trip into darkness. Rock based song-writing with psychotically perfect use of keyboards and excellent clear vocals share music space with black metal bursts and tormented growls. Soft guitar humbling, piping keys, strange, trippy atmospheres, passionate vocal performances, strange melodies you just can’t enough of (“Against The Curse We Dream” ), even disharmonic guitar exhalations (“Let The Devil Come Inside” and “When All Is Black“) can be spotted in this psychedelic hell.

Band’s collaboration and cohesion through the years leads to this strange magic take place, letting all the musical themes spread out, leaving a fulfilling and addictive feeling. The truth is revealed in the the final track “Haire Pneuma Skoteino“, with its satanically dark and beautiful melody, and greek lyrics setting an even darker tone (see also “Against The Curse, We Dream”).

Strange and abnormal at first, “Pneuma” quickly acts hallucinatory, letting you take different paths for the same trip, ’till you become wonted and haunted. A true and pure statement of dark art, passes its beautiful horror maturely, through atmosphere and black metal aesthetic. The perfect balnce between dark, psychedelic rock and black metal. Enough said, you know what to do. Χαίρε, χαίρε, πνεύμα σκοτεινό!

Track List Line Up
01. Mountain Of Horror
02. Let Your Devil Come Inside
03. Against the Curse, We Dream
04. When All Is Black
05. Into The Gates Of Time
06. Haire Pneuma Skoteino
Dim – Bass, Guitars (acoustic)
Theoharis – Guitars, Vocals
Haris – Keyboards