From the very first beginning nothing really kept me excited from what I was hearing on “Black Flag”. During the second hearing though I started to spot out some things. A lot of riffs that reminded me Sepultura or Soulfy, some cut’s and harmonics that smelled like Machine Head. And the vocals? Some clean and some rough that also reminded of many other bands. I’m not trying to say that this is an album full of stolen ideas, hell no. Ektomorf is just following the footsteps of bands that face success but they are way back when it comes to uniqueness.

War is my Way” witch is the first track came in kicking and to be honest I was expecting more from a number one in the album. After a few songs nothing really got my attention, suddenly I hear some acoustic guitars. “12 Angels” the title and 1:57 it’s duration. I really have no idea what they wanted to pass out with that song between all this agressive music. It started nice, it ended nice, but really no point of existance. As I continue to wonder what was that here comes “Fuck Your God“. Well at last I banged my head at last. Nice riffs, blasting refrain, well thats a song I would love to hear live from them while being in a moshpit. The last four songs went down with nothing special to say to.

So if you like Sepultura, Machine Head, Soulfly, you should take sometime to check “Black Flag”. I will check Ektomorf’s albums and give these guys a try. Maybe their past is stronger that their present.

Track List Line Up
01. War Is My Way
02. Unscarred
03. The Cross
04. Cut It Out
05. Black Flag
06. Private Hell
07. 12 Angels
08. Enemy
09. Fuck Your God
10. Never Surrender
11. Sick Love
12. Feel Like This
13. Kill It
Zoltán Farkas- vocals, guitars
Zsabolcs Murvai- bass
Michael Rank- guitar
Robert Jaksa- drums