“Destinity” is a French band formed in 1996 in Lyon by vocalist “Mick”, drummer “Morteüs” and guitarist “Zephiros”. They started as a black metal band, changed their sound to symphonic black – death metal and since “Synthetic Existence” back in 2005 they are playing melodic death metal close to “Amon Amarth’s” style but with a different direction both musically and lyric-wise. “Resolve In Crimson” is their eighth full length album, recorded at Jacob Hansen’s studios in Denmark, with the well-known producer “Jacob Hansen” (Amaranthe, Mercenary, Aborted, Volbeat, Destruction, Communic and many more) and its cover artwork was created by “Strychneen studios”.

Opening track “Black Sun Rising” starts slowly and the tempo rises gradually. It has almost everything, fast double bass drum beats, blastbeats, thrashy guitar riffs and melodies, melodic chorus and even the electronic samples match with the sound that the band tries to achieve. A video was made for this track, directed, shot and edited by Seb and TRIPROD. “Reap My Scars” follows, with the same vibe as the first song and “Morteüs” goes nuts on the drums, kicking the speed even more. Impressive playing while Dave accompanies with his bass creating a tight rhythm section. Guitarists “Zephiros” and “Seb V.S.” also lay some bombastic riffs and solos throughout the album and “Mick’s” voice reminded me something between “Johan Hegg” (Amon Amarth) and early “Michael Stann” (Dark Tranquillity).

The production of the album is incredible as expected and matches the high standards of Jacob Hansen’s reputation, which once again did a great job in bringing out the best sound of the band. “Resolve In Crimson” has a continuous aggressive flow although in some places the guitar melodies sound too mournful. All the tracks are good at least for my taste and the truth is that when i listened to it, i didn’t understand how the time went by and before I knew it the album had reach to its end and started from the beginning. Other songs that i liked very much are “A Scent Of Scorn”, that features a guest appearance of “Stéphane Buriez” (Loudblast) and the groovy death metal song called “Redshift”.

The only negative that I found in “Resolve In Crimson” is that it lacks of originality since Destinity follow a successful formula that has been tested and does not fail, but they have done an amazing job in this release, the compositions are fantastic and i believe that they deserve a hearing. It is dynamic, intense and the fans of melodic death metal will find it at least honest.

Track List Line Up
01. Black Sun Rising
02. Reap My Scars
03. Aiming A Fist In Enmity
04. Can’t Stand The Sight
05. A Scent Of Scorn
06. Redshift
07. Only Way
08. Break Into His Heart
09. The Hatred
Morteüs – Drums, Backing Vocals, Keyboards, Programming
Zephiros – Guitars
Mick – Vocals
Dave – Bass
Seb V.S. – Guitars