Our todays’ review is about one the most respectful UK bands: Saxon. One of the most legendary classic heavy metal bands alongside with Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Diamond Head, Angelwitch and Venom releasing albums that (whether you like them or not) shaped metal history such as “Saxon” (1979), “Wheels Of Steel” (1980),”Strong Arm Of The Law” (1980) and “Denim And Leather” (1981). Being a really steady band not only in studio but also on stage for 30+ years, Saxon give their fans exactly what they expect: solid records that stand the test of time and are worthy of the bands’ name and legacy.

This year they’ve returned with “Sacrifice”. The album starts with “Procession” an epic intro leading to the headbanging midtempo title track which they have a videoclip for. A really good idea of what we’re about to expect from the rest of the record. Bufford’s voice sounds in great shape and the guitars throwing riffs in your face with an old school attitude. The next one “Made In Belfast” begins with traditional instruments powerfully and then kick in the heavy guitars with a more epic feeling in the chorus. On we go with “Warriors Of The Road” a speed metal track, because of which some heads are gonna roll (in the words of the mighty Priest) from severe headbanging and from singing the kick ass chorus. One of my personal favorites of the album.  After that we have the folklore intro to “Guardians Of The Tomb” that leads to another mid tempo headbanger including top notch guitar work. In comes an awesome guitar solo and the amazingly anthemic “Stand Up And Fight” breaking some more necks in its path in style. That’s another favorite from this album.

In comes the slower “Walking The Steel” with a kind of Led Zeppelin-influenced riff in the beginning breaking into a more calm and emotional solo then back into the main riff. Another epic riff begins the song “Night Of The Wolf” with its calm verses and the acoustic guitar in the middle giving a beautiful atmosphere to the song. Coming up next “Wheels Of Terror” starting with another heavy mid tempo riff causing headbanging to the listener including a great chorus.  Last one on the album is “Standing In The Queue” with a purely AC/DC-influenced riff, a Hard Rocking track filled with more fun lyrics compared to the rest of the album. A great way to end the record.

Saxon prove that they still have it in them to make great heavy metal music. Cause as they say “you gotta give your soul to rock n roll”.

Track List Line Up
01. Procession
02. Sacrifice
03. Made in Belfast
04. Warriors of the Road
05. Guardians of the Tomb
06. Stand Up and Fight
07. Walking the Steel
08. Night of the Wolf
09. Wheels of Terror
10. Standing in a Queue
Biff Byford – vocals
Paul Quinn – guitars
Nigel Glockler – drums
Nibbs Carter – bass
Doug Scarratt – guitars


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