[colored_box color=”grey”]Rating: 9
Label: Svart Records
Website: Link
Author: Steve Drax[/colored_box]

Hexvessel, the psychedelic folk band from Finland’s Tampere returns after seven months with a new EP called “Iron Marsh”, the follow up to the their fantastic yet obscure latest album “No Holier Temple”. I have to say that was very impressed by this band when I heard their second album “No Holier Temple” and some of you may remember that i also wrote the review for it back then.

I was really impressed by the way this band has indulged into the 70’s psychedelic and progressive sound blended with a folk approach and the fantastic vocals of Captain Kvohst (a.k.a. Mathew McNerney). The weirdest thing is how their music captivates you and leads your mind to paths unknown, just like a walk in the forest. All of their releases have this strange way of mind-blowing and mesmerising sound and it’s like you don’t have any choice but loving it.

Same goes for “Iron Marsh” that is in the same mood as its predecessor yet sounds different but still melancholic. As you hear it drowns more and more to its sorrowful swamp, in an amazing journey of pain. The album’s first song “Masks Of The Universe” sounds like you are in a funeral in the beginning. The melodies are mournful and the chords are so “black” that even the most badass evil black metal band in the world would envy them. This is the end of the world… repeats again and again…

An almost thirteen minute opus unfolds in front of you and flows into your ears, the biggest of the EP. Many time-signature changes that add multiple layers to the song and the violin pierce your heart with every note. Then we have “Superstitious Currents” that follows with the same vibe as the first song but more emotional if I can say so.
Tunnel At The End Of The Light” is a new version of the song that was included in their debut “Dawnbearer” and I can truly say that I like this approach more although it’s close to the original with some small differences and don’t forget the amazing production that flatters the instruments and the music and may be over-polished than the previous releases, but that’s not a problem to me.

They even recorded a cover of Yoko Ono’s song “Woman Of Salem” with absolute respect to the artist filtered with Hexvessel’s approach to music along with the outstanding voice of “Rosalie Cunningham” that participates in this song and highlights it even more. It is truly an amazing cover to an already amazing song.

Don’t Break The Curse” is the last song of the album where in the beginning Captain Kvohst almost recites the lyrics. The flute of Alia O’ Brien that participates gives a spooky feel to the song. At some parts it is slower that the other songs and sounds kind of doom and it’s definitely Hexvessel’s way to close a record.

“Iron Marsh” is a wonderful release from a wonderful band that you should invest some time in them if you like this kind of music. If not… oh well.

Track List Line Up
01. Masks Of The Universe
02. Superstitious Currents
03. Tunnel At The End Of The Light (Redux)
04. Woman Of Salem (Yoko Ono Cover)
05. Don’t Break The Curse
Captain Kvohst – Vocals, Guitars
Niini – Bass
Jukka – Drums
Simo Kuosmanen – Guitars (Lead)
Vesa – Guitars
Jussi – Organ, Samples
Kimmo – Keys, Trumpet, Violin
Marja Konttinen – Vocals (Additional) & Percussion