[colored_box color=”grey”]Rating: 7
Label: Season Of Mist
Website: Link
Author: Andrew Koran[/colored_box]

It’s been quite a pleasure to listen to this album for sure. An album of this nature should be released with warning labels though. NOT for the casual listener. NO VOCALS, THIS IS AN INSTRUMENTAL RELEASE!

Exivious play progressive jazz metal fusion. Being the brain child of former Cynic guitarist Tymon Kruidenier, whose performance on the ‘Traced in Air’ LP and ‘Re-Traced’ EP, is phenomenal to say the least. The band also features former Pestilence drummer Yuma van Eekelen, bassist Robin Zielhorst and gutarist Michel Nienhuis, who create soundscapes that will expand the mind.

Jazz metal fusion, the term itself, can make someone very skeptical. This is not due to a lack of musicianship, but rather the ability to craft memorable songs – if there’s any need for such bands to create something memorable at all. This is not the case with Exivious. Although they have all the technical ability and being perfect musicians-maestros – of their instrumens, they manage to bring up memorable songs and melodies.

They also manage not to get stuck in any form of this expansive sound for too long. Although, there is not as much heavy guitar riffage as there is technical fret playing, there is enough music to keep the listener happy and interested in what he/she is hearing. The other key element, is when the guitars are going off on their journey, they never go that far for the listener to get lost. They somehow have found a perfect balance. The use of saxophone on “Deeply Woven” gives an extra spice to their sound as well.

Liminal‘ is the second release from Exivious, and if this is what they can accomplish this early in their career, the sky is the limit. If you like to be driven by the music you listen to, than this album is for you. Perfect for relaxation as well.

Track List Line Up
01. Entrust
02. One’s Glow
03. Alphaform
04. Deeply Woven
05. Triguna
06. Movement
07. Open
08. Immanent
Tymon Kruidenier – Guitars
Robin Zielhorst – Bass
Yuma van Eekelen – Drums
Michel Nienhuis – Guitars


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