Many doom fans claim that doom metal has become idle for a long time and the modern doom metal records are not equal to the legacy ones. For the devastated by the idle condition of doom metal, I recommend listening to Sorrows Path’s latest release, ‘Doom Philosophy’. Sorrows Path has been active for years in the Greek underground scene, with seven years of absence in their career. They managed to release their first complete record in 2010, a record which was positively welcomed by the fans. ‘Doom Philosophy’ is the band’s comeback in 2014 and a promising, haunting doom record.

Sorrows Path reminds me of Candlemass. Well, I think the band is heavily influenced by the specific band and less from other US doom metal bands like Trouble for example. A splendid outcome is orchestrated by the heavy, slow but melodic guitars and the epic vocals by the band’s vocalist, Angelos Ioannidis. Bonded together, music and lyrics seem to dispel light and create the darkness needed for a holy world of fantasy to appear. Throughout ‘Doom Philosophy’, the epic is crafted with doom’s darkness, fortified by the use of keyboard’s or expressive guitars.

The riffs are sharp, heavy and great uses of palm- muted rhythmical riffs become the structure of the songs. Then lead guitars come in to give the epic doom identity, which the band needs and desires. Do not expect only slow and dark music; the band seeks to bond together doom metal with heavy metal dynamics and explosions. ‘A Dance with the Dead’ or ‘Brother of Life’ are songs which progress rapidly and forcefully. There are many symphonic elements in the disc to, as the intro of ‘Everything Can Change’ for instance. In the specific track, I also loved the use of the keys and the synth. The acoustic guitars are also bonded greatly with the heavy track, just to create a bridge to certain changes.

The production and the sound of the record is the ideal one; neither too modern, nor too old-school. I always fear of record’s which mimic the 80’s as far as the sound is concerned, especially when those records are labeled as epic doom or heavy metal. However, the band surprised me once again. ‘Doom Philosophy’ is totally fresh and inspired; an ideal descendant for ‘The Rough Path of Nihilism’. The band is sincere, emotional and creative.

I also have to note out the record’s guests, who even include Edgar Rivera, Snowy Shaw!

The record will be released in the 12th of September via Iron Shield Record. I totally recommend the fans of doom and darkness to dig into the heart of ‘Doom Philosophy’ and get a touch of its majesty. The record will be discussed and praised by those who love and cherish the specific music genre.