Thomas Giles, the side project of Between The Buried And Me vocalist/keyboardist Tommy Rogers, is perfect for those who gravitate to a more open world of songwriting, as Rogers is not restrained to a specific genre through “Modern Noise“. Here you’ll hardly find any death growls, pummeling double bass drumming or anything that could be tagged as metal strictly.

On his first effort “Pulse”, Rogers performed all the instruments himself in an eccentric creative way. While on “Modern Noise”, he still handled most of the instruments, apart from the drums performed by Will Goodyear (widely known for drumming the self-titled debut of BTBAM).

Having a close enough sound that expands its influences from Cynic’s latest melodic and progressive passages to the BTBAM mellow sounds, Rogers takes Modern Noise to another place than Pulse took us a few years before. On Modern Noise I can surely see any BTBAM fan chilling out with its lightness and smoothness. Rogers did not stay constricted on this one at all, he has found a beautiful way of  bouncing between ideas that cover a big spectrum of sounds.

Thomas Giles seems to have become Rogers’ creative corner, a way for him to expose his songwriting capabilities without having anyone judging or rejecting his ideas. This is his portal to expand away from metal and away from what most people associate his voice with, that being BTBAM songs. On “Modern Noise” we can hear and enjoy Rogers’ voice quite possibly more confident and free to expand his full range than anything he’s done before.

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