THULCANDRA is a relatively new german four-member band that has released their first album “Fallen Angel’s Dominion” only in 2010 and their second one “Under a Frozen Sun” in 2011. Four years after the latest release, “Ascension Lost” comes to bring a cold but melodic winter atmosphere to our speakers.

One hour (including the bonus tracks) of melancholic melodies presents the listener with the portrayal of a bleak landscape cloaked with clear musical passages. The sound of this album is professional though still retaining the blackness and majestic prevalence that THULCANDRA have shown before.

“The First Rebellion” as the introductive track – and the longest of this album – pushes the audience over the edge setting it ready to launch a fast-paced but greatly melodic journey with its alluringly epic atmosphere. “Deliverance in Sin and Death” is a piece full of melodic riffing and cold darkness which will continue playing in our ears after the song has ended.

“Exalted Resistance” and “Demigod Imprisoned” set the pace fast justifying the black metal identity of the band. “Thrones of Will” and “The Second Fall” are of the slower paced tracks throughout the album thus infusing it with fluctuations of the tempo.

Overall, “Ascension Lost” was enticingly enjoyable, keeping the audience interested by the diversification of riffs and paces. It ‘walks’ in paths already ‘walked’ by preceding others but on the other hand, at every turn of it there is something to admire in the depth of the songs and the veil constructed to welcome the ‘snow’ and cold that accompany this release.

DISSECTION fans and generally fans of atmospheric extreme sounds and misty backgrounds will not be left unsatisfied. This album could also serve as a first-class company to the chilly winter nights.

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