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LORD DYING is one of those bands that belong to the so-called sludge metal movement of the past years. In this movement we see bands like HIGH ON FIRE, KYLESA and MASTODON.

This band from the US, is on its second full length album “Poisoned Altars” which kicks off in full speed with the title track and then turns into a great groovy chorus. Something made evident in the genre but on this album as well, is the jam feeling on every song. As if this whole thing was recorded live, and just released it.

The groove goes on with “The Clearing At The End Of The Path” being a clearly mid-tempo headbanging track with a bit of melody. Mesmerizing intro chords bring us “A Wound Outside Of Time”, which adds some middle-eastern feels to the overall groovy riffage of the band.

“An Open Sore” follows with a riff that reminded me of “Now I Lay Thee Down” (Machine Head), and the overall feeling of this one brought these guys from Oakland to mind. Also, I really loved that riff in the middle of the song! Coming up next we have “Offering Pain (And An Open Minded Center)” with its storming drum/guitar intro to bring up the speed (as much as possible in this genre), showing a great main riff.

Things get a bit punky in the beginning of “Suckling At The Teat Of A She-Beast”, then back into the original groove and a mindblowing solo. A more technical groovy riff opens up “(All Hopes of a New Day)…Extinguished” guarranteed to make you headbang. “Darkness Remains” gives us the chance to headbang once again including a nice harmony in the middle right before a beautiful melodic solo, ending with a LP scratching effect.

LORD DYING have made a solid and compact (a bit over the 35-minute mark) record that any fan of this genre should listen to.

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