One of the most important bands of German power metal alongside with HELLOWEEN and GAMMA RAY, BLIND GUARDIAN, are back 5 years after the amazing “At The Edge Of Time”. The new albums’ title is “Beyond The Red Mirror” and it’s meant to be a continuation of the power metal milestone “Imaginations From The Other Side” (1995). Quite ambitious.

The album kicks off with “The Ninth Wave” a 9,5 minute epic including some electronic/orchestral elements combined with the ever-loved BLIND GUARDIAN trademarks. Speaking of trademarks, “Twilight Of The Gods” comes in to speed up in the vein of classic BLIND GUARDIAN, a song meant to be loved in the live shows for its beautiful chorus. “Prophecies” makes things groovier while remaining melodic in the most beautiful way, going into one of the best choruses of the album. One of my personal favorites on this record.

Then we have “At The Edge Of Time” and “Ashes Of Eternity”, with its eerie orchestral intro setting the tone for both songs showing some progressive and sort of theatrical influences deriving from their main 70s favorite, Queen that is. “The Holy Grail” and “The Throne” bring up the tempo once more showing us how BLIND GUARDIAN create concert favorites (and personal favorites) with beautiful choruses, the second one being a mostly mid-tempo song. “Sacred Mind” follows as a faster track going mid-tempo with another great chorus.

And now it’s time for the ballad of the record, “Miracle Machine”. As with most BLIND GUARDIAN ballads, this one brings you peace, in a QUEEN kind of way. I can sense the spirit of Freddie Mercury over this one, and the legendary rock frontman with a wholehearted smile on his face. “Grand Parade” is the second longest epic of the album, with lots of twists and turns, being the most orchestral and folklore track of the album.

Our beloved bards created another piece of musical art, for the third consequent time, being more orchestral and diverse than ever. With every listen, you’ll be sinking deeper and deeper into its musical world! Hail!

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