NEGURA BUNGET, the folk black metallers from Romania, returned with the long awaited new album after five years of the latest release in 2010, “Virstele Pamintului”.

“Tău” (which means “Swamp”) is a very consistent album release that shows the maturity achieved in those five years of absence of the band. Grim melodies painted in a folk and very theatrical canvas surround NEGURA BUNGET’s music. Horror scenes come to mind as soon as the first notes start to play; the ghostly introduction of “Tău” prepares the listener for what is to follow.

“Izbucul Galbenei” is a mid-tempo grim song that builds up a dark atmosphere that brings pictures to mind from the Carpathian forests in the Romanian land. “La Hotaru Cu Cinci Culmi” instills folk elements in the album while “Curgerea Muntelui” seems to represent the ritual aspect of the Romanian folklore and serves as a doom-y interlude. The next song “Tarim Vilhovnicesc” is more aggressive with folk undertones and synth parts that construct the ritual accompanied by Sakis Tolis’ (ROTTING CHRIST) sinister vocals.

Another guest appearance is made by Rune Eriksen (AURA NOIR, TWILIGHT OF THE GODS) playing the guitar in the song “Impodobeala Timpului” which is a dramatic and spiritualistic song that needs some time in order for the hidden layers in its entirety to be explored. “Picur Viu Foc” and “Schimniceste” finalize the album with a deep and atmospheric way; melodic aggressiveness and slow-tempo sounds close the curtains of “Tău” and leave us engaged in the lingering ritualistic picture.

The whole album emphasizes the theatrical setting and conveys the message NEGURA BUNGET want to convey via the ritualistic vocals and structure of the songs and compositions. “Tău” also marks the beginning of NEGURA BUNGET’s promising “Transilvanian Trilogy”, a sonic and visual tribute to the band’s home country. The first part emphasizes Romanian nature, the second and third part will focus on man, his traditions, practices and spiritual elements surrounding the Romanian culture.

The translated tracklist is as follows: Thurse, Yellow Spring, At the Border with Five Summits, Flow of the Mountain, Sorcerer Land, Ornament of Time, Live Fire Drip, Reclusiveness.

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