Norway has been famous for its black metal bands and culture to the extent of one of the highest commercial exports to the rest of the world. EXECRATION, though, are not of this genre and since their formation back in 2004 they’ve been producing death metal the old fashion way!

With “Morbid Dimensions” counting their third full length release, EXECRATION really worship INCANTATION’s doom/death metal as well as the old school MORBID ANGEL sound mixed with some old school DEATH. But there’s so much more to their music than just these surfacing influences!

Riff by riff and melody by melody this record builds up as a massive atmospheric occult tower. With the production leaning more to the highest registers of the sound spectrum and lacking that death metal “punchy” sound all modern productions have, “Morbid Dimensions” really sounds more black metal than death metal even if the music is really pure death metal. And I like it better that way than digitalized!

I have to admit I was not aware of these guys, before this review! Their name could be easily misinterpreted with some other bands, these Norwegians really have put out a record worth your attention if you’re into INCANTATION, MORBID ANGEL, or even AKERCOCKE and ULCERATE! Total atmosphere!

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