A band from France couldn’t play anything else but unholy metal; either as a black metal or as a death metal band. I have encountered many French bands with the goal of shocking with their brutality and ungodliness. It is some kind of a tradition if a band comes from France, it is almost certain that they would have this shocking elements. And NECROWRETCH is not an exception.

With Serpents Scourge” is the second full-length album of the French trio. Their music categorized as old school death metal by a lot of people and themselves as well. I agree only because of the atmosphere. There are many parts that have the feeling of the early ENTOMBED albums and some riffs have a bit of DEATH’s “Scream Bloody Gore” essence or of the MORBID ANGEL’s early era. So for that you can call them old school death metal.

Besides those elements, the music of NECROWRETCH could be easily named black metal. The riffing of Vlad has on many cases the melodic veil and the fast tempo of black metal music. At several points the speed of the blast beats is similar to MARDUK’s songs. And of course the whole concept of the unholy is closer to black metal bands. So in conclusion the black/death tag I prefer to give them fits perfectly their music. Even their opening track, “Black Death Communion”, would agree.

The vocals have the most distinguished role to their music. The demonical screams of Vlad are coming straight out of hell. They are so harsh and maniacally spit out that could cause any mental derangement. On the other hand the bass is not listenable and this for me is a major handicap.

Overall the album is really not a masterpiece, but it would fit any old-school maniac’s taste. Unfortunately I could not make out any song as highlight, although I can see a lot of potentials in the music of NECROWRETCH. So I will wait for their next release. And hopefully with strange aeons, even death may die…

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