No, don’t let their band name fool you! It’s not another power or thrash metal band. SORCERER is from Sweden and plays epic doom metal with all its glory. In fact the band is pretty old. They were formed in 1988 and until 1992 they only released 2 demos. After a long time off (18 years) they have gathered again in 2010 and finally here we have their debut album.

The album starts with one of its best songs (“The Dark Tower Of The Sorcerer”) and with an extremely brain sticker riff. The band is putting bits of their influences in the mold and the result is something very strong and energetic, regardless the fact that we are talking about doom metal. “Sumerian Script” that follows, is slower and atmospheric, it’s like a doom rite more or less. Same for “Lake Of The Lost Souls”: slow riffs, good atmosphere and a great performance from Anders Engberg on vocals. And it’s time to faster the tempo and power-ize a bit with “Exorcise The Demon”. A change from slow to faster tempo and a chance for good and faster headbanging.

As I listen to “In The Shadow Of The Inverted Cross” song, it became more clear that doom forefathers CANDLEMASS and AETURNUS are the two stronger influences of the band. The following is the “Prayers For A King” and let me say that it is one of my two personal favorites. I love the ups and downs of this song and surely the incredible vocals. Second from the end “The Gates Of Hell” is a power-heavy metal song, no doubt. Faster and heavier, this is something different from this album as a whole. And as we reaching the end with “Pagans Dance”, they return to the slow and agonizing (in a good way) riffing. A very good closing.

Surely SORCERER are not making something new for this kind of music. But their debut album is full of good, strong old school, doom metal. The production is really astonishing and everything is hearable, clean and loud. For fans of the above bands, I recommend them without second thought. They will fill good your hungry doom hearts.

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