The German instrumental psychedelic rockers ‘strike’ again with a new album – their fifth in line. Personally, I have not been following MY SLEEPING KARMA but I’m delighted I finally had the opportunity to delve into their music.

Instrumental sounds are usually more ‘dull’ but this is not the case here at all. “Moksha” in its entirety is nothing but empty and dull; rather an extremely interesting journey of sounds. The melodies are utterly dreamy and the post-rock riffing binds perfectly together with the atmosphere and the aim is achieved. In general, it is an imaginative and melodic soundscape that sets the audience off for a journey in lands far away – magical ones.

The Eastern philosophical theme of the album is profound while the Eastern instrumentation strikes character on their music construing a peaceful, wistful yet unique ambience. The riffs are not in abundancy in every song but each riff progresses and moves forward throughout each song. Noteworthy  turns, tonal warmth and smooth transitions between the tracks. The title track “Moksha” is a beautiful track including a melancholic piano line along with the high-pitched guitar leads; the sound shifts from being sweet to heavy showing how masterfully this can be accomplished. “Prithvi” and “Vayu” are more atmospheric and ‘calm’ whereas the second half of the album focuses on the riffing part of the music turning heavier.

MY SLEEPING KARMA dance between rock and metal sounds because in spite of the fact that it feels like music to chill with, distorted guitars, heavy riffing and metal approaches to this whole landscape build the ideal ‘package’ to maintain the balances between the two ‘moods’. I would recommend this album not only to fans of the space, psychedelic rock and metal spectrum but also to people outside the sphere of the heavy sound; “Moksha” weaves a beautiful web for appreciators of meaningful atmospheric tunes to dive into.

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