Well I love those Canadians fellas. I love their persistence, their talent and surely most of all their “I don’t give a fuck” motto. Maurizio put Ex Deo on ice (unfortunately) but he is working KATAKLYSM’s engines full time. Two years after “Waiting For The End To Come” they return with a new album. And although their previous release was very good but musically a little confusing, here with “Of Ghosts And Gods” things are more clear.

With KATAKLYSM you can be sure you will have some good quality of melodic death metal music. More heavy this time with less hardcore influences and with a great production “Of Ghosts And Gods” surely won’t pass unnoticed. You will listen those great slow epic riffs changing to crazy fast blastbeats. The new drummer did an amazing job and he fitted real well in the band, Maurizio is screaming his guts out (check out “Hate Spirit) and Stephane Barbe has a full role with his bass skills.

The band also did a bold yet brave move by filming videos for all their songs of the album. With good and not so good results. The production of the album stands in high standards as usual. The albums starts with one of the best songs “Breaching The Asylum” and continues with some high and lows. “Thy Serpents Tongue”, “Hate Spirit” and “The World Is A Dying Insect” are some of the very good moments of the album.

Those crazy Canadians didn’t disappointed us once again. And although we can’t speak for a tremendous or a revolutionary release “Of Ghosts And Gods” has the KATAKLYSM quality and is heading to the right direction without losing their roots. I hope in the sort future to have their little diamond cause they deserve it.

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