AMORPHIS have manage to maintain a great expectation atmosphere with every new release, ever since their masterpieces “Tales From…” and “Tuonela” and throughout their carrier so far. “Under the Red Cloud” marks their twelfth studio release with the current line-up celebrating 10 years together.

Beginning from outside I might say that this cover of half-moons, men forming a circle and yin-yang symbolism quite fits the imagery of the band and its colors, do as well give it an extra boost of optimism!

Famous producer Jens Bogren was hired for the production of the album this time, recording and mixing at the famous Fascination Street studios in Sweden! And his ways really led Amorphis to a more harsh/aggressive sound. Trademark oriental melodies and folk sounds make their presence clear even though the most of the tracks sound edgier and tighter due to the production.

Guitarists Esa Holopainen and Tomi Koivusaari seem as they’ve once again find their urge for melodic guitar leads. Drummer Jan Rechberger is more to the point than ever with a really powerful sound, while Niclas Etelävuori fits his rhythms to perfect symmetry with the drum rhythms. Santeri Kallio manages to stay present throughout the album and gently boosting the songs to perfection. Finally, Tomi Joutsen seems to claim the throne for this genre’s best vocalist while remaining one of the most easily recognized, for sure. Pouring all these five ingredients to one pot and the outcome really sounds thick as a huge temple! Beautiful melodies, memorable, and a perfect production brightening the final result to amazing points!

“Under the Red Cloud” surely stands out from their latest releases and along with “The Silent Waters” proves that Amorphis have been reborn and continue evolving through the years to their unique path! Don’t bother to compare old with new or anything like that. Because Amorphis have their own sound and their legacy surely goes on perfectly with “Under The Red Cloud”. Enjoy Responsibly!

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