STRATOVARIUS is one of the five power metal bands I respect through all those years. Although I’ve missed some of their releases, I definitely have two albums of them to my favorite power metal albums. Well, these Finnish guys are counting sixteen releases (including this one)…and they are looking so inspired and refreshed. With no original members for some years now, but having a third or fourth youth, we could say.

Eternal” is the fourth album without Timo Tolkki in the band’s ranks and I have to say that he isn’t missed at all. Also I think that this album can stop some fans from still winning about it. I mean why winning about something that will not change and miss the chance to hear and focus on one great power metal album?

“Eternal” is heavy, inspired and it has STRATOVARIUS written all over it. It has the epicenes and the beautiful melodies that this band has used to us for so long. Just hear the opening track “My Eternal Dream” and “Lost Without Trace” and you will fell all those things. The album is full of hits and after so much years of musically and on stage presence this is an amazing achievement. For those who think that STRATOVARIUS are all sunshine and rainbows I dare them to hear the “Man In The Mirror” and the totally epic “The Lost Saga”.

Ok people who know me they, know that I’ve passed long ago my power metal hearing days. But I became really curious to hear “Eternal” after the first impressions that arrives to my ears. And for one of the few times there were not false. STRATOVARIUS composed and delivered us a great album indeed. Not something new from what they used. But with not a dull moment!

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