KAMPFAR” is the word to describe an ancient Norse battle cry which means Odin or Wotan and it matches perfectly the pagan black metal direction of the band; needless to mention their Norwegian origin. In 2015 and after a long musical path of 20 years and 6 albums, “Profan” is here to rouse the fans of the genre.

Starting of with “Gloria Ablaze” the canvas is painted with melodic and fast-paced riffing along with Dolk’s angry yet grimy vocals. “Profanum” is a very evocative track in which melodies are being interchanged and the atmosphere is building up slowly but emotionally. “Icons” masters a great sum of vocals and inspired playing which leads to a magnificent capstone.

“Skavansk” reminds of what cold Norway is; dressed with sinister vocals and pure darkness, kicking off blasting while in the second half drifting in doomy paths.”Daimon” is a distinctive track among the others that’s characterized by frenzied drumming, shrieking vocals while eerie chants complementing in and forming the track’s versatile wholeness. “Pole in the Gound” will blow you away by its down-tempo tunes and glorious riffs that reveal the best and most successful way to play Norwegian black metal.  The final track of the album is “Tornekratt” being notable and extremely suitable to close the album comprising of very deep vocals and melodies are still not to be missed on this one.

Overall, a very satisfactory and highly relishable album abiding by the Norse culture and black metal dark majesty. KAMPFAR continue producing quality music that proves the North has still a lot offer in the book of ‘music history’.

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