If you are a death metal fan and you don’t know MALEVOLENT CREATION then I think you are making a big mistake. Ok I haven’t got a degree on the musical history or knowledge of the band but I’m familiar with their work. A very consistent band with almost 30 years of musical presence in the death metal scene. Not a small accomplishment if I may say.

After 5 years these veterans return with their new album, “Dead Man’s Path”. And still they are doing a great job. And although the album starts with the titled song of the album slow and doomy, things get a lot more violent later. “Soul Razer” is full of blastbeats and with a thrasy feeling. “Imperium” is more epic but the band doesn’t slow down, fast, nasty and with a very good solo. Same goes for “Corporate Weaponry” with massive blastbeat and some influences of Immortas’ riffing. One of my favorites for sure. The rhythm doesn’t slow down a bit in “Blood Of The Fallen”, also a highlight of the album. So far the album is the epitome of pure, fast and massive death metal.

The second half starts with one of the most “black metal” songs MALEVOLENT CREATION ever written “Resistance Is Victory”. Well I can say that for certainly, all the songs so far are really fast to just fast. And although they are really good songs, it gets a little monotonic and the only times of hearing something “different” is when the refrains start. “12th Prophecy” is one of those songs in fact. Now “Extinction Personified” starts as a mid tempo song and in its’ half it gets thrasier. Back to the basics with “Fragmental Sanity” as far the songs’ speed and with “Face Your Fear” the last song of the album (also another highlight).

MALEVOLENT CREATION released a descend and honest very good death metal album. True to their history and their quality even thought they are not bringing anything new to the genre, but sometimes all we need is some “tradition”.

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