MOURNING BELOVETH is an essential part of a doom/death metal lover’s collection; the Irish doomsters are making music since 1996 – even though they were formed in 1992. One of the all-time favourites strikes back with a new album.

Rust & Bone” kicks off with a 17-minute long opus that mesmerizes and numbs the senses to the core; slow tempo and brutal vocal parts are the quintessence of the Irishmen’s musical palette. “Godether” despite its long duration – which can be considered normal in this genre – proves its epicness and majestic stance while climaxing to reveal its more aggressive black-metal side.

“Rust” and “Bone” serve as interludes between the longer opuses not exceeding 2 minutes each. “The Mantle Tomb” is repetitive in its structure and its guitar riffs remind a lot of PRIMORDIAL’s sound and songwriting. “A Terrible Beauty Is Born” is the closing song of the album; an acoustic folk track in its entirety, with Frank Brennan’s strong clean vocals being escorted by a simple acoustic guitar riff. This strikes as an antithesis towards their heavy doom sounds but acts surprisingly well as an album closer after only 38 minutes of music.

Overall, “Rust and Bone” is an enjoyable album for every doomster and despite the repetition feature being common in doom/death, in this case, new and disparate melodies would have upgraded the album. Nevertheless, it flows greatly and the repetition factor serves as an esoteric force that unveils and embraces the melancholy. After all, this is how doom is ‘supposed’ to be – gloomy, heavy, slow and overwhelmingly melancholic.

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