ORANSSI PAZUZU was formed in 2007 by Jun-His (vocals, guitar), Korjak (drums), Ontto (bass guitar), Moit (guitar) and Evill (synthesizers, organ, effects). Oranssi (Orange) in the band’s name refers to cosmic energy and the color of the first light rays in the Big Bang, while Pazuzu is a mythic demon of the wind. The band has released so far three records ”Muukalainen Puhuu”, ”Kosmonument”, “Valonielu” and here we have the fourth release of the band called “‘Varahtelija”.

Musicwise, ORANSSI PAZUZU is a band that if you try to put a label upon their music you’ll propably fail. It is a cosmic journey, a neverending voyage, a black hole that drives you deeper into the secrets of mental cosmos. A strange mix of phychedelic space rock, ambient sounds, twisted (and aggressive over times) black metal; a band that dares to explore far from the traditional lines of black metal or any kind of music making them unique and hard to compare with other bands.

”Varahtelija” continues from where previous album ‘Valonielu’ left us and although it is in the same spirit and essence it is a completely different album. ORANSSI PAZUZU, since birth, has never been satisfied to stick with a formula. Each album has seen the band expand upon its previous incarnation and then, like a supernova, blow it up and transform again into something recognizable but completely new. ‘Varahtelija’ continues in this vein, giving the band much more room to diverge and explore the vast regions of hypnotic progressive psychedelia and the nebulous outer limits of Scandinavian black metal. Songs explode with radiant ultraviolet color and plunge into the deep black darkness of innermost consciousness. If ‘Valonielu’ was the creation of a universe, ‘Varahtelija’ is the magnification and expansion of its infinite boundaries.

First track relased promoting the album is’ Hypnotisoitu Viharukous’ and is an excellent piece of music art with intelligent songwriting. The record is going to be released on 26/2 and what you need to be aware of before diving intο ‘Varahtelija’ is that this is an album that is really seeking to expand what music can be. There’s a lot of ambient sound an organic distortion brought into the mix, and while it is certainly oriented around a base sound that could loosely be described as ‘metal’ ORANSSI PAZUZU is in fact far weirder than just that. This is a band who compose quarter of an hour long suites with sounds unlike any you have ever heard before. This isn’t just avant garde, this is almost avant avant garde. Taking the weirdest and most eclectic sounds known to human and then pulling them back together into a discernible whole.

Personal opinion is that ‘Varahtelija’ is the heaviest and weirdest stuff so far and has already destroyed whats left of my sanity and brain cells. ORANSSI PAZUZU conjures sounds from the dark corners of space and mind and it is very likely to loose yours too!

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