BORKNAGAR have always been experimenting within the ‘limits’ of their music, in order to provide innovative but flawless music that “smells” of Norwegian landscapes and atmospheric grandiose.

Winter Thrice”, dating twenty years after their first release, brings about a merging of their old, as well as their recent sound, while exploring new directions and melodies.

The first song of the album, “The Rhymes of the Mountain” is actively opening the album, with Vintersorg’s clean vocals being escorted, by keyboard melodies and double bass. An intro comprising of piano compositions, opens “When Chaos Calls” followed by blast beats and the fast tempo taking over along, with ‘epic’ features and clean vocals. Inspirational tempo and melody changes keep the listener on edge, while maintaining the interest and keeping the compositions in a high level which fits Borknagar’s past.

“Noctilucent” provides an enjoyable interlude to the fast pace of the album, keeping the balance between sweet melancholy and the cold embrace of Norway-originating songwriting. The melodies in “Terminus” are what I enjoyed most – cold yet heart-warming, as a pleasant yet distant memory.

Each song, presents itself, as unique in character but still fitting perfectly with the rest of the album. While the music in particular is masterful, what is truly standing out is the result delivered by the four vocalists and the variety thereof. It is a fitting tribute, to the twenty years of the band, with no tremendous surprises and maintaining the quality.

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