It’s quite pleasant, to listen to music coming from people I know personally. Especially, when this music is of my tastes. Thymios Krikos (guitar-Innerwish) and John Papanikolaou (vocals/Rock ‘n Roll Children) formed DIVINER in 2010, to express their love for traditional heavy metal. Alongside, with them, George Maroulees on guitar, Herc Booze on bass (SixForNine) and Fragiskos Samoilis (Innerwish) on drums, complete this heavy metal gathering.

With the term, traditional heavy metal, I was referring to the musical forms, DIVINER choose to serve. That’s where the equation of traditional and old ends. Their foundations, honor old school heavy metal, but the building itself, is a modern and inspired heavy metal album, that some would kill to have released.

Kicking off with “Fallen Empires” and “Kingdom Come” I can assure everyone, that this album is destined to become classic. Great and inspired riffs, strong and steady rhythm section are the basic two ingredients of success here, with the other one being John Papanikolaou’s voice, in an amazing form. More aggressive and with even more maturity, in its complexion. “Evilizer” and “Riders from the East” are great songs for headbanging, especially the mid section of the second one with Christiana’s (Elysion) contribution, on the vocal department.

DIVINER’s influences can be heard on all songs of the album, though, not repeating or copying something or someone else in particular. Accept, Iced Earth, Judas Priest and even a bit of Manowar (check “The Legend Goes On”) influences can be heard here, but with a great “mixture” through Diviner’s spectrum. “Come into my Glory” is more epic and “Seven Gates” brings on the surface even some Brainstorm influences. Next comes “The Shadow and the Dark” with the polyphonic backing vocals, that I always love to hear, and a riff that comes straight out of the temple of heavy metal. “Sacred War” and closing track “Out In The Abyss” follow on the same mood and power.

DIVINER did everything a new band dreams of, which is an amazing first release and I truly hope, that they’ll continue the same way. Until then, I can’t wait for their live show, here in Athens/Greece.

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