INSTANT BONER made their debut, with the release of ‘Perfect Sunday’ EP, introducing themselves to the Greek stoner scene. Almost two years later, after participating into many gig line ups, the band returns with another EP, ‘Outburst’. This time, the band is getting closer to its influences, trying to play stoner rock but also embracing the warmer, vintage sound of the 60’s and 70’s rock.

The specific EP, ‘Outburst’, contains five songs, four originals and one cover. Starting with ‘The Messiah’, that makes quite notable that INSTANT BONER is not just another stoner rock band. The use of saxophone, which is actually quite impressive, remarks the PINK FLOYD influence on INSTANT BONER, which is quite well combined with raw guitars, vintage and harsh vocals and groovy riffs. The production may sound modern, but the band pays great tribute to the past of rock n roll, sounding both modern and vintage as well.

The second song, which shares the same title as the EP, is closer to the modern, stoner rock sound of the US, but besides this specific one, the whole EP is a mixture of blues-rock riffs, saxophone and melodic parts, which can be described as ‘PINK FLOYD meets BLUE OYSTER CULT and JIMI HENDRIX’. ‘Lady Sin’ and ‘Falling Stars’ reduces the dynamic, being two slow and heavy blues-rock songs. The way the vocals are performed over those mean guitar riffs, greatly remind the listener of the American blues. The four songs written by the band, are absolutely enjoyable, but we kind of need more of them, in a full-length release.

The record closes with a great cover of JIMI HENDRIX’s song ‘Foxy Lady’. The band took this anthem and gave it a modern, stoner rock vibe to it. It is always quite interesting, to see a band performing a song that was originally released, almost fifty years ago, and ‘own’ it as well.

INSTANT BONER’ s second EP, actually, is really good and shows off, to many stoner bands, how they can be creative and try to sound unique, rather than perform the same desert rock riffs all over again and again, on every record. The band encourages experimentation, and the use of saxophone and piano, enforce this belief of mine. We are surely looking forward to another release, only this time, we surely need a full-length.

INSTANT BONER need to give in to their influences and try to sound even more experimental, because the best moments of ‘Outburst’, are those that the band is either using the saxophone or gets deep into the dirty blues-rock.

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